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Hello fellows.

A new season of Diablo 3 started on Friday the 21 of October 2016. If you have been absent for a while and you are looking for someone to play a game with join the TFP group in Diablo 3 and you will find a lot of us playing the game.

Further informations can be found in this blogpost by Blizzard: Saison 8 preview

See you soon in Sanktuario.

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Hello Team Fairplay,

our Trackmania Server is back online. At the moment only for Trackmania 2 Stadium and running on my local PC.

I hope that we can establish a permanent setup of a dedicated server soon, so that the server is available 24/7. The discussion about the server can be found in the forum.

Use the following link to join the server: maniaplanet://#join=tfp-blutrausch@TMStadium

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