Hello fellows.

A new season of Diablo 3 started on Friday the 21 of October 2016. If you have been absent for a while and you are looking for someone to play a game with join the TFP group in Diablo 3 and you will find a lot of us playing the game.

Further informations can be found in this blogpost by Blizzard: Saison 8 preview

See you soon in Sanktuario.

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Hello Team Fairplay,

our Trackmania Server is back online. At the moment only for Trackmania 2 Stadium and running on my local PC.

I hope that we can establish a permanent setup of a dedicated server soon, so that the server is available 24/7. The discussion about the server can be found in the forum.

Use the following link to join the server: maniaplanet://#join=tfp-blutrausch@TMStadium

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Some of the members from the good ol' days are back. But we are still missing a lot friends, so much.

This is a message that goes to our lost friends out there. Feel free to join us if you like. We are still playing some Trackmania, but we are also open for new experiences and challenges. Looking forward to see your registration Cool

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Hello gaming world.

Team Fairplay starts into a new area. We left the old dusty shack in the "Dark Wood of Byte-eating HDD monsters" and re-build our home on a hopefully rock-stable base. We hope to see our lost sheeps back in a while and we always keep a light shining in the dark. Have fun and see you soon.

Yours sincerely, Team Fairplay.

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